Built for Extreme Conditions

  • Wide Range of Operation Temperature (-40°C to 150°C)
  • High Shock and Vibration Survivability (up to 500Gpeak & 20Grms)
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • (leak rate <1X10-8 cc/s of Helium)
  • Extended Lifetime
  • (>1,000,000 cycles)
  • Lifetime of 1500hrs at max temperature and rated voltage

Industry Leading Ultracapacitor Technology

With roots in geothermal research, FastCAP has pioneered extreme environment ultracapacitor technology. We have developed an expertise in creating high performance Ultracapacitors based on advances on the nanomaterial, electrolyte, cell construction and processing levels.


Today, FastCAP is the only company with ultracapacitors capable of high temperature (>125°C), low temperature (< -40°C), and hermetically sealed capacitors capable of enduring the space environment.  FastCAP’s technology has been validated from -110°C to 250°C by Sandia National Laboratory.

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Extreme Environment Ultracapacitors

We deliver record-breaking energy storage devices for extreme conditions with temperature ranges between - 40°C to +150°C

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